Bryony Frost retained jockey for Double Green in France

Bryony Frost has joined Simon Munir and Isaac Souede’s growing racing operation, primarily as their retained jockey in France.

The Double Green outfit have enjoyed great success in the country in recent years and have an expanded team in action there this season to go alongside their Raffles breeding operation.

Former jockey Benoit Gicquel is their racing manager in France and has been looking to secure a retained rider for some time.

Frost’s decision to base herself in France was the opportunity they were waiting for and Munir said: “For a while, we have wanted to retain a jockey in France to strengthen Team Double Green but have been waiting for the right opportunity. Bryony’s decision to move to France has not only presented us with that opportunity but meant that we have appointed an experienced and talented jockey for Team Double Green.”

Frost added: “I have long admired Team Double Green and the success that they have had in England, Ireland and France. I am really excited to join them, the opportunity to be retained by them to ride their horses is the dream start to my career in France.”

Castell Wealth Management to sponsor leading female jockey, Bryony Frost

Castell Wealth Management is delighted to announce the sponsorship of talented British jockey, Bryony Frost.

As a young, motivated and hardworking professional athlete Bryony represents all of the attributes that Castell Wealth aspire to support.

A win on International Woman’s Day at Exeter Racecourse ahead of Cheltenham Festival (March) was a momentous start to her one-year tenure with Castell Wealth, which sees the wealth management’s brand proudly adorn Bryony’s racing breeches and skin throughout 2024.

The sponsorship agreement marks Castell Wealth Management’s inaugural debut into horse racing and will see Bryony host various on-course events for the company over the coming months – entertaining new and existing clients.

Developing brand awareness and growing Castell’s ‘Advice in Sport’ initiative are principal objectives within the deal, complemented by having Byrony Frost as a figurehead for woman in sport.

Bryony Frost said: “I am so pleased to be associated with Castell Wealth management for 2024. The agreement will see me host a number of in-person events with Castell, which is a very exciting opportunity. I also hope to provide them with a few winners along the way.”

James Lindley, Director at Castell, added: “Bryony is an incredibly motivated and hard-working athlete who has dedicated her life to racing. This tireless mantra of devotion to riding and consistently continuing to persevere in her sport through good times and bad is what attracted us to aligning our business to sponsoring Bryony.

“Bryony has famously spoken up for gender equality in racing – putting her head above the parapet in a male-dominated environment, this added to our desire to support her. In finance there is a huge wealth divide between men and woman; and having Bryony as an ambassador aligns to our company DNA.

“As a business we are always looking to expand our presence in sport. There are so many parallels between the work undertaken by athletes and our role in supporting clients in fulfilling their financial aspirations. Both involve hard work, dedication to achieving goals and overcoming adversity, and a tireless dedication to achievement.” continues James.

Bryony Frost becomes the first jockey on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine

Photos Credit: The Sunday Times/News Licensing

Bryony Frost fall update

Following Bryony’s fall at Aintree she saw Shoulder Specialist Geoff Graham who recommended a period of rest followed by reassessment after a few days to determine the nature of her shoulder problem. At the same time the CT scans performed in Liverpool were reviewed by specialists in London who confirmed no new bony injury but in light of Bryony still reporting discomfort in her back a more detailed MRI was carried out.

This has showed an area of bone bruising in a single vertebra with a stable fracture. Following medical advice Bryony has reluctantly agreed not to return to riding until sufficient healing has taken place and will also use the opportunity to address her shoulder issue. She will work with members of the IJF Rehab Team to enhance her fitness and performance during this break from competition.

Following a fall at Aintree on Thursday Bryony Frost was taken to Aintree Hospital for assessment

As is standard practice for a high speed fall she underwent a CT Trauma Scan. This did not show any new fractures or other injuries that needed immediate medical or surgical treatment.

Bryony was discharged the same day and will be going home for a period of rest and rehabilitation. During this time further assessments will be undertaken to see if any soft tissue injuries become apparent which may need further investigation or specific treatment.

Bryony remains in good spirits and hopes to be riding again soon once she has recovered from this fall. She is grateful for the prompt care she received and for the good wishes from her colleagues and the public.

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